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High Heat 17

 The Richard C. Stockwell Foundation

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High Heat 17, The Richard C. Stockwell Foundation is a non-profit charity organization founded in memory of Coach Richard C. Stockwell.  Our mission is to “provide today’s youth with opportunities to enhance their lives thru the baseball diamond.”  


Richard C. Stockwell was a retired Harvey Firefighter/Lieutenant of 33 years.  He was married to Kathy, his H.S. sweetheart for 44 years and the father to 3 children, Erich, Rob and Amy.  All are graduates of Thornton High School.  He resided in Harvey for 44 years.  


Rich volunteered his whole life to helping children thru sports.  He coached Harvey Little League and Babe Ruth.  He was a volunteer High School baseball coach at Thornton H.S. for 5 years.  He then was a volunteer baseball coach at Andrew H.S. for 18 years.  It was Rich’s passion!


Rich was a golf enthusiast also and worked at the golf course, Glenwoodie, cutting grass 3 days a week after retiring.  He would even fish at the pond during his lunch breaks.

Rich was a kind, loyal, trustworthy, good man.  His legacy is volunteering and kindness.  Rich left the world a better place.  We want to share that goodness with others always in his honor.


This foundation will promote, develop, mentor, and voluntarily assist in the interest of those who will participate in organized baseball.”  Our goal is the all-round development of young people not just baseball players. Baseball just happens to be the vehicle used to develop life skills that extend beyond the game.   


Through proper coaching, guidance and exemplary leadership, High Heat 17 assists today’s youth in developing the important qualities of hard work, discipline, teamwork, education and physical well-being. By instilling virtues of strong character, courage and loyalty, High Heat 17 is designed to develop baseball players who become influential members of society.


The Foundation will benefit but not be limited to a Baseball Scholarship to a player from Andrew High School to attend South Suburban College annually and play for Coach Steve Ruzich.   This scholarship will be awarded to a player whom Coach Dehaan and his staff at Andrew decide has earned this honor not only for their extraordinary baseball talent but outstanding moral character.


As the Foundation grows year after year, the goal is to help as many kids in as many programs possible achieve their dreams and goals.  This will extend to programs such as Little League, and other branches of organized baseball on various levels.


We are in search of people and organizations who want to be a part of our mission.  Please consider donating to our cause so that we can touch as many lives as possible to honor Rich and enhance the lives of children and young adults in the process.  We appreciate your time and consideration with this matter and look forward to hearing from you. 


Thank you!


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