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Growing up on the South Side of Chicago in Harvey, Illinois, playing sports was a way of life.  As a middle child of three, my parents always found ways to keep us active and kept us involved in as many sports as possible.  Although baseball quickly became my first love, little did I know that golf would someday change my life.


My first introduction to this game came at the age of 11.  One day while on Summer vacation with my family in Michigan, my Father and Grandpa took my brother and I out to play my very first round of golf.  I'd been to the driving range with my Dad before, but never actually stepped foot on a real course.  Needless to say I was very excited. 


It was that day that I realized there was something special about this game.  That afternoon I spent four of the most memorable hours of my life, not only because of this newfound game I took an interest in, but because of the lifetime of memories it has allowed me to enjoy and experience.


With my love for the game of baseball, golf was an escape for me and a way to enjoy some quality time with my Dad.  I played for the love of the game and recreation growing up.  It was around this time I got my first job in the golf business as a caddie at Ravisloe Country Club in Homewood, Illinois.  I was taken back by the beauty of the historic Donald Ross design and began to fall in love.  Looking back on those Summer days now, it was the beginning of where I am today.


Once I entered high school, I decided to try out for the golf team and to my excitement I made the Varsity team as a Freshman.  Although I still had dreams to pursue my baseball career, golf had become a bigger part of my life and I loved to compete.  I began to think about pursuing a college career in golf and had some interest from schools due to my modest accomplishments over my first three seasons. 


Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding at my high school, the golf team was cut from the athletic program and baseball was again my main focus for the remainder of my high school and collegiate career.  Golf remained a constant in my life for the next several years, and I still loved to compete.  I was able to polish my game enough to win a Club Championship at a local municipal course and loved spending my days at the course. 


Thanks to the Head Professional Phil Robbins at this same local municipal golf course and some encouragement from my Mom and Dad, I made a decision that would forever change my life.  I decided to change direction and pursue a career as a PGA professional. 


I took a job as a shop assistant at Glenwoodie Golf Club in Glenwood, Illinois.  In less than a year, I worked my way up from working part time in the Pro Shop to a role as an Assistant Golf Professional and a PGA Apprentice.  I spent the next two years in this role learning every aspect of the golf business and found a new love for teaching the game.


Realizing that I found a true passion for the job, I pursued an opportunity and accepted the position of 1st Assistant Golf Professional at Calumet Country Club in Homewood, Illinois.  This next step in my career was a bit surreal for my Dad, he caddied at Calumet as a boy and now his son was the new Assistant Pro.  It was also ironic to me as the very first course I worked at, Ravisloe Country Club was right down the street. 


Calumet was also a Donald Ross designed course like Ravisloe and it seemed I'd come full circle.  I spent four great seasons in this role working for two wonderful mentors, fellow PGA Professionals Pat Kramer and Randy Wexter.  They helped mold me into the Professional I am today.  Also, I met many wonderful members to which I consider friends and was fortunate to work for.  Thanks to them I was lucky enough to take many memorable golf trips that created a lifetime of good memories.


After years of hard work and long hours, I obtained my Class “A” PGA Membership in February of 2016.  I moved on from Calumet and accepted the position of PGA 1st Assistant Golf Professional at at Ridge Country Club working under Head PGA Professional Mark Krizic in the historic Beverly neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago.  I spent two wonderful seasons in this role.  

In March of 2018, I accepted the role as the PGA Assistant Golf Professional at Edgewood Valley Country Club in La Grange, Illinois.  I spent four great seasons under Head PGA Professsional Chuck Kletcke before moving on in December, 2021 when I accepted my new position at the historic Midlothian Country Club. I am honored to currently work under Director of Golf Brandon Adair and serve the members at this historic and prestigious club founded in 1898.

I would not be able to continue this amazing journey without the continued support of my family, especially my Mom.  Her loving, supportive nature and constant encouragement to chase my dream kept me pushing forward. Then there is my amazing better half Peggy.  Her understanding and support of the demanding hours my job requires allows me to not only be a better Pro, but a better person.  She truly is my inspiration. 


So what are my passions? What drives me professionally and personally?


For starters, I love to laugh and enjoy life.  Golf has a funny way of reminding us that sometimes things don’t go as planned.  Being able to stop and smell the roses along the way is important and necessary to fully enjoy all life has to offer.


Growing up in Chicago, I am an avid sports fan.  I am a big Cubs fan (odd I know being a South Sider) but also cheer for the White Sox unless of course they are playing against the Cubbies.   I love the Bears, Hawks and Bulls as well.  Chicago is a great sports town and I enjoy cheering all of our teams on to victory and championships (#nextyearishere #gocubsgo).


I am a huge fan of the PGA Tour and everything golf related.  I love to read books on teaching such as Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book & Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, timeless classics to anyone who has picked them up.  I also enjoy studying new trends and teaching methods with a focus on technology and how it can help improve golfers of any skill level.


At the heart of it all, I love to teach and build relationships.  There is nothing better than helping someone improve and have more fun along the way playing this great game.  Whether I made a positive improvement to their golf game or simply made them enjoy their time that day at the club, being able to do what I love for a living and putting a smile on someone’s face along the way is what it is all about.  I am truly blessed to be able to live my dream every day.

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